Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Phil Mickelson can become No. 1 in the World

Phil Mickelson can dethrone Tiger Woods as the number one golfer in the world this weekend at the Players Championship.  The only catch is that Tiger Woods has to essentially be out of contention, come in sixth place or worse. 

I really hope Tiger Woods pulls through this weekend and plays some remarkable golf, but I am only hoping.  Everything about Tiger Woods seems to be up in the air these days, including his confidence and ability to play.  I am not really discouraged about his ability after Quail Hollow, because his ability speaks for itself.  It does speak about his confidence.  He obviously has a lot going on and it's obvious it's affecting his game.  Depressing.

Tiger Wood's Clubs being sold on Ebay

Tiger Wood's clubs are being sold on Ebay for $250,000.  Holy shit! The link to the ebay sellers page can be found here.  There is an article from a skeptic, who doesn't believe these clubs are authentic.  I personally agree and would never buy $250,000 clubs off ebay.  Clubs like this would most likely be sold in some sort of private auction. 

The Clubs in question are the Titleist clubs that Tiger used to win his 2000-20001 "Tiger Slam."  I highly doubt Tiger Woods would ever just give the clubs away, especially clubs from his 2000-2001 season, undoubtedly one of Tiger's best seasons. 

I feel that this is some sort of sham, I am curious to see if anyone would actually bid on these clubs.  I also wonder if there is any way to actually authenticate that Tiger Woods used these clubs during the 2000-2001 season.  I am going to keep an eye on the listing for the next 8 days and see if the clubs actually get sold.

UPDATE:  Apparently the seller of the Woods' clubs is a former titleist VP named Steve Mata.  Tour officials have contacted Tiger Woods about the clubs, Tiger has said he has his "Tiger Slam" clubs with him.  Steve Mata, however, is stickin with his story; he is selling the real deal.  link

Played 18! Adventure begins

I played 18 holes today, it was a shit show, at least for the first nine.  I shot around a 60.  Second nine was great, played par most every hole, bogeyed just two holes, 15 and 18 at Indiana University Golf Course.  Info about this course can be found here.  All in all I shot a 96 today.  Certainly no where near my goal, but for one of the first times out this season, I can't complain all that much. 

Starting next week, I will be practicing every day, basically playing par 3 courses at least once a day, along with practicing my short game.  I'll go into more depth about how I improved each of my strokes in various posts.  Hopefully this will help many of you out there who are starting out and possibly save you some time and money from the get go. 

Friday, April 30, 2010

What a dumb article


Tigers winning ways are over?!

Yea right!  He has only played poorly at Quail Hollow.  What makes Tiger so great is that he can recover like no other player.  Summoning incredible shots from terrible locations.  He has never been all that consistent with his driving game.  He failed at Quail Hollow because he hasn't found that finesse to recover like he usually does.  Many people are speculating that he is having troubles on the course because he will not be able to salvage his marriage etc. Anyone going through what Tiger is going through will never function at 100 percent.   He still needs to get his life together.  He came in 4th at Augusta just three weeks ago after taking 5 months off, have we already forgotten that?  It may take some time before we see the Tiger we all know and love to be back, but to say his winning ways are over is ludicrous!

Tiger Woods, will he make the cut at Quail Hollow?

Tiger Woods just finished his first 9 at the second round of the Quail Hollow tournament.  He ended the first 9 with four bogeys and 4 birdies, essentially keeping him at par for the first 9.  The cut is at +1 and Woods had gone as high as +3 during the first 9.

I feel like Tiger's fire has gone missing.  Though, he hasn't had much to be fiery about, he seems to be having trouble being consistent.  I understand that he hasn't played for 5 months, but he has been practicing a couple weeks before the Masters and throughout to this tournament as well.  That puts him with about a month and a half of golfing.  Being the number 1 in the world, that amount of time should be plenty to work out kinks.  I don't think his head is all there.

I guess we are going to have to see if Tiger has what it takes to make the cut, never thought I would say something like that!

UPDATE:  Tiger Woods is now at + 7 thru 14.  It is safe to say he will not make the cut... What the hell is going on Tiger?! Is it because you were heckled for the first time today? Or is it because Elin is going to file for divorce?  It's unfortunate what's happened but you need to get your sh!t together.

My experience with Callaway X22 Irons

When I first started playing, I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and bought myself a starter set.  It was a set of Slazenger Wrath clubs, came with a driver, two hybrids, and irons from p to 5 irons.  The Irons didn't feel too good for me, so I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong when I mis-hit a shot.  I then used my friends callaway X14's from back in the day.  The difference was literally night and day.  Earlier this year, around March, I went to a local pro shop and demoed a set of Callaway X22's along with TaylorMade Burner Irons.  I fell in love with the Callaway's.  The TaylorMades claim more distance, but I honestly didn't witness that, may be something petty but the false advertisement definitely made the TaylorMade less appealing to me.  I bought a set of X22's and I instantly shed about three strokes off my game.  This was incredible for me because I have slowly been making progress the last three years, and with these new clubs I did in one match what it took me to do in two years with other clubs.  

The feel is very smooth off virtually any surface.  It is light enough for me to control where I want the ball to go, and it is very forgiving as well.  More so than the TaylorMade I felt.  I would definitely recommend the X22's for people who have had a couple years of golf under their belt.  In my opinion, it is a great game improvement set.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tiger Woods first round at Quail Hollow

Tiger woods ended the first day at Quail Hollow with a 74, +2 above par.  He put shots in the water off the 17th and 18th hold, causing him to double bogey off the 17th.  Tiger woods did improve towards the end of his day, so hopefully this is some kind of sign that he will be in contention towards the end of the tournament.  If it isn't obvious already, I am a huge Tiger Woods fan.  He is the reason I started golfing.
This tournament is a rather big deal, because Phil Mickelson is looking to dethrone Tiger Woods as the number one golfer in the world.  I am personally not a fan of Phil Mickelson, so I genuinely hope Tiger Woods pulls it together and does something big tomorrow.
Tiger Woods is 9 back from the number one Bo Van Pelt, who is at -7 for the day.  Tiger Woods will have to play some serious Tiger golf in order to come back and be in contention.