Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Phil Mickelson can become No. 1 in the World

Phil Mickelson can dethrone Tiger Woods as the number one golfer in the world this weekend at the Players Championship.  The only catch is that Tiger Woods has to essentially be out of contention, come in sixth place or worse. 

I really hope Tiger Woods pulls through this weekend and plays some remarkable golf, but I am only hoping.  Everything about Tiger Woods seems to be up in the air these days, including his confidence and ability to play.  I am not really discouraged about his ability after Quail Hollow, because his ability speaks for itself.  It does speak about his confidence.  He obviously has a lot going on and it's obvious it's affecting his game.  Depressing.

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  1. Well I hope this year is a good year for golf and we see good games and better players. Success on the road for Tiger.