Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tiger Wood's Clubs being sold on Ebay

Tiger Wood's clubs are being sold on Ebay for $250,000.  Holy shit! The link to the ebay sellers page can be found here.  There is an article from a skeptic, who doesn't believe these clubs are authentic.  I personally agree and would never buy $250,000 clubs off ebay.  Clubs like this would most likely be sold in some sort of private auction. 

The Clubs in question are the Titleist clubs that Tiger used to win his 2000-20001 "Tiger Slam."  I highly doubt Tiger Woods would ever just give the clubs away, especially clubs from his 2000-2001 season, undoubtedly one of Tiger's best seasons. 

I feel that this is some sort of sham, I am curious to see if anyone would actually bid on these clubs.  I also wonder if there is any way to actually authenticate that Tiger Woods used these clubs during the 2000-2001 season.  I am going to keep an eye on the listing for the next 8 days and see if the clubs actually get sold.

UPDATE:  Apparently the seller of the Woods' clubs is a former titleist VP named Steve Mata.  Tour officials have contacted Tiger Woods about the clubs, Tiger has said he has his "Tiger Slam" clubs with him.  Steve Mata, however, is stickin with his story; he is selling the real deal.  link

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